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The HR Systems Training & Support Centre is an HR administrator’s one-stop shop for all HR system instructional materials. This page is the HRIS event hub that provides the campus’ HRIS user with community information and ongoing communication around system improvements, reference documentation, HRIS support, and system training.

HR Systems

Nakisa • UTORecruit • TimeLink

Nakisa | Org Chart

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Nakisa OrgChart is an enterprise-level management tool that will allow users to visualize and graphically represent the U of T’s organizational and positional hierarchies consistently. It delivers live graphical quick views of the University’s organizational structure and HR data from HRIS in a simple to use web interface.

The application will allow users to:

  • Quickly visualize your respective HR position and personnel data
  • View U of T’s organizational and positional hierarchies
  • Generate and print out live HRIS Org charts (simple or complex)
  • View additional details for employees that you have access to in HRIS
  • Quick search tools to find employees, organization units, etc.

Please note: You will use the same process to log into the Nakisa Tool as you would logging into HRIS if you do not have an eToken. You will require your Secure ID Card and PIN as well as your AMS username and password.

For more information, please visit User FAQs on the Information Technology Services (ITS) website.


UTORecruit (Taleo) is the University of Toronto’s applicant tracking system. It is used for staff and faculty job postings, electronic applications, applicant review, and tracking applicant progression.

The primary activities preformed in this application include:

  • Creating and facilitating approval for requisitions (a.k.a. job postings / academic searches)
  • Posting requisitions to the University’s Career job boards
  • Reviewing applications for your requisitions
  • Tracking applicant progress

In most cases, your username will be your UTORid.


TimeLink is the University of Toronto’s time and attendance web-based application that facilitates the management of hours worked. It allows employees to login at the start and end of their shifts and for managers to approve the hours worked for final payroll processing.

This application allows:

  • Employees to punch in and out to start and end shifts worked
  • Managers / supervisors to review, edit, and approve time cards online
  • Payroll to process approved hours to be paid
  • Employees to select additional jobs and work centres
  • Payroll and supervisors to generate and print payroll reports online


About Us

The HR Information System (HRIS) at the University is the primary repository of all personnel data associated with an employee’s appointment and income. Authorized access to the system is based on the roles and responsibilities of the staff members who use the system.

The team mandate is to provide ongoing support and communications to HRIS users about system procedures, changes, upcoming events, reference documentation, and HRIS training. The team encourages users to provide comments and suggestions as it pertains to HRIS functionality and usability by completing the HRIS survey.