Payroll (Off-Cycle) Cheque Request

About off-cycle cheques

Off-cycle cheques are issued on a delayed basis and therefore they are an exception to regular payroll processing.

Off-cycle cheques should never be substituted for the timely processing of an employees’ pay. All departments are responsible for processing personnel actions and / or documents for their employees within published payroll deadlines.

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The request process

Effective November 1, 2013

  • Employees paid off-cycle will no longer receive cheques, but will receive their payments via direct deposit on a scheduled weekly off-cycle pay date
  • The off-cycle payment request will require department head approval before it is submitted to Central Payroll Services
  • The scheduled off-cycle process will run every Wednesday, with the payment deposited into the employee’s account that Friday (exception: the December holiday break and system year-end activities)
  • HRIS transaction corrections must be made prior to submitting the off-cycle payment request by the deadline provided
  • A processing fee of $75 will be applied for each off-cycle payment request and will be applied to the applicable department’s cost centre
  • Once completed and approved, it can be routed to the Central Payroll Services for processing

How to request an off-cycle cheque

In order to have an off-cycle cheque issued, the HR Divisional Office must complete the following steps:

  1. HR Divisional Office identifies and validates the underpayment
  2. HR Divisional Office obtains internal approval to process an off-cycle cheque before the next regular scheduled pay date
  3. HR Divisional Office makes transaction corrections in HRIS
  4. HR Divisional Office completes and submits the Off-cycle Cheque Request Form

Central Payroll Services reviews your request and confirms the payment schedule with the Division. The cheque is processed for deposit on the scheduled off-cycle pay date.